Drupal module - Menu Firstchild

Menu Firstchild

This module is designed to create a menu item without any path. Selecting this item will make the transition to his first viewable child item.
The menu item should be added where the line "Path" must specify — <firstchild>.

Sensors does not work on Asus P5Q

Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala
On the site are advised to use latest lm-sensors 3.1.1.
  1. Remove the current lm-sensors.
  2. Downloaded from the unstable branch of Debian package with lm-sensors 3.1.1.
  3. I tried to install the downloaded package: # dpkg -i lm-sensors*.deb
  4. Revealed unmet dependencies -> libsensors4.

Drupal module Field formatter settings

Field formatter settings

This module is the basis for the Field Delimiter and Field injector.

Drupal module Field injector

Field injector

This module allows you to insert any of the fields into the text field, such as body.

calibre from ppa

Program Calibre of the standard repositories do not connect my PocketBook902. I found the repository with the latest version of Calibre:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/programs-ppa
yet there are audacity, filezilla, wireshark. Look here:

Unreadable file names in the archives rar

Somewhere in the internet found a way:
  1. Remove rar.
  2. Install unrar.
Problem solved.

How to start a virtual machine of vmware server from a command line?

Get a list of installed virtual machines:

cdemu not working

$ service cdemu-daemon start
Starting CDEmu daemon                                  [fail] 
Waiting for /dev/vhba_ctl to be created...             [fail]
$ lsmod |grep vhba