Drupal 7 Using drush to update modules

Path to the folder for my site: /home/user/domains/debuntu.info/

Path to the folder for backups: /home/user/backup/

Go into the site folder:

$ cd /home/user/domains/debuntu.info/

Enable maintenance mode for the site:

$ drush variable-set maintenance_mode 1

Clear all caches:

$ drush cache-clear all


Drupal module - Menu Firstchild

Menu Firstchild

This module is designed to create a menu item without any path. Selecting this item will make the transition to his first viewable child item.
The menu item should be added where the line "Path" must specify — <firstchild>.

Drupal module Field formatter settings

Field formatter settings

This module is the basis for the Field Delimiter and Field injector.

Drupal module Field injector

Field injector

This module allows you to insert any of the fields into the text field, such as body.